Youkaïdi is an industrial and product design studio from Lausanne, Switzerland. It was co-founded in 2009 by Steve Iannello and Julien Rosina.

Steve Iannello >> graduated in woodworking in 2005. Passionate about wood and aspiring to expand his creativity, he continued his studies and graduated from the Athenaeum Europe school with a degree in industrial and product design. After various freelance and in-house works, he co-founded Youkaïdi in 2009. Loving to share his knowledge, Steve has been conducting workshops, projet expertises and seminars in various schools, and he has been teaching industrial, furniture and interior design at the Swiss Design Center since 2016.

<< Julien Rosina followed an academic path, while taking drawing lessons in parallel by the painter Domenico Sorrenti. After graduating in industrial and product design at ECAL, he worked in the applied research and developpment field and co-founded Youkaïdi in 2009. Passionate about aviation, Julien completed his training with a private pilot licence in 2017. Julien has also been conducting wokshops and expertises at various schools.

Steve and Julien share a common vision of design, favouring efficient and carefully detailed products. They strive to spark curiosity by revealing certain hidden conception aspects. In their creations, technical constraints transform into aesthetical elements that bring character to an object.
INDUSTRIAL AND PRODUCT DESIGN The industrial and product designer is a generalist, combining creativity, artistic skills and technical knowledge in order to create products. His global vision takes into account everyone's needs, from the manufacturer to the final user.

  • Product design, from a single object to serial production.
  • Consulting and expertise
  • Photograpgy, graphic design and product illustration
  • For companies and start-up that need to develop new products
  • For companies wishing to improve and upgrade an existing product or line
  • For private individuals who are looking for a way to turn their idea into reality
  • Elaboration of attractive products, offering a competitive advantage ;
  • Identification of the user's needs, opening new market opportunities ;
  • Constant renewal and innovation, to always be one step ahead ;
  • Strong products for a solid brand image and an impactful marketing ;
  • Production optimisation and cost reduction anticipated right from the start.
Industrial and product design is applicable in any development and manufacturing process.

Every creative project follows similar stages ; this is the reason why our clients come from widely diversified sectors.
Youkaïdi offers it's own vision as well through edited products, because design is a field for exploration and adventure.

You will find all our creations on our Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

Please contact us for any information about the edition of a product or a collaboration.
Youkaïdi Sàrl
Avenue de Béthusy 19
CH-1005 Lausanne

t : +41 (0)26 422 45 24

e : info at youkaidi
Our job is first and foremost to listen to you, to understand you, and to turn your ideas into reality.

This is why our services offer various ways to collaborate : you may need only a bit of advice, a design concept, or a project follow-up.

This flexibility establishes a clear framework and a climate of trust. For our clients, it provides continuous control over the development.

While one-off mandates remain valuable, our client like ourselves particularly appriciate middle- to long-term collaborations. These offer the best results in terms of quality, efficiency and feedback, which are all essential to innovation.

In short, we like to contribute to the success of our clients because we benefit from it just as much.
We take care of all the aspects of product development : from A to Z, step by step, or on a specific point.

These steps are tailored to each project's own requirements :

  • UX design
  • Proposition of aesthetic, functionnal and usage concepts
  • Presentation of a panel of exploitable ideas
  • Technical solutions
  • Material and technological research
  • Component integration
  • Design optimisations
  • 3D modeling and rendering
  • Production feasibility validation
  • Technical drawing
  • Models
  • Functional prototypes
  • 3D printing
  • Bid sollicitations
  • Production follow-up
  • Hand and vector drawing
  • Schematics and user manuals
  • Packaging
  • Logos
  • Signage
  • Object photograpy, in studio or outdoors
  • Image processing and photomontage
Youkaïdi provides support in the creation of interior and furniture design for your architectural project.

Our activity in multiple domains and our knowledge of production techniques enable us to provide appropriate, practical and elegant solutions, and our experience in production and construction follow-up is idealy suited to architectural projects, to control every detail and optimize costs, deadlines, organisation and quality.

Project Review and Advisement
  • Advisement on production techniques and technologies
  • Advisement on the aesthetic and functional aspects of the project
Creation and Development
  • Proposal of technically resolved exploitable concepts
  • Aesthetic and functional architectural integration
  • 3D modelling for technical drawing and rendering
  • Technical drawing for subcontractors, craftsmen and industries
  • 3D printing for architecture models
  • Bid sollicitations
  • Production and installation follow-up
For companies seeking to improve their products :
  • Definition of the goals and points to be studied
  • Survey and analysis of user experience (usage, ergonomy, functionality, marketing positionning, aesthetics,...
  • Establishment of a product design brief based on user feedback
For companies wishing to take part to a fast-track project :
  • Team workshop
  • Quick project in a few days
  • Brainstorming, concept research, development, prototyping
  • Follow-up if required
For companies which need in-house development tools :
  • Analysis of the advantages and constraints which can be used to our benefit
  • Set-up of a creative development structure
  • Development tools creation
For companies looking for an outside view on their current development process :
  • Constructive project analysis and review
  • Aesthetic, technical and functional improvement suggestions
  • Material and technology alternatives research
  • Link with subcontractors

We support engineering companies in their project realisation. Beyond the mere functionality, users want first and foremost enjoyable products. Ergonomics, user experience, visual aspect and touch are all instrumental to their success.

Thanks to our long experience in roller coasters, we are able to integrate the obligations and constraints related to fields where both amusement and security are critical.
Through the increasingly frequent use of indutrial design, people have been acclimated to a certain quality. Special attention to details must be paid from the very beginning, in user-friendliness as much as in the image reflected by an object.

A product design process lays out the most fundamental questions, which can then be adressed to bring all the added value of a well made product.
Today design is ubiquitous in the furniture world. We help our clients finding new exclusive and attractive products.

Our specific experience in woodworking techniques allow us to combine creativity with optimisation.
The sport industry is based on user experience and new technologies to remain at the forefront of innovation.

Our activity in diverse sectors and industrial techniques provides for a fresh look, opening new possibilities.
Efficient communication facilitates contact with future clients. Products, pictures and texts must be part of a clear and accessible whole. We provide :
  • Photoshoots for digital and physical use
  • Packaging, gifts, and greeting cards
  • Architectural signage
  • Illustrations and user manuals
User experience begins at the first contact with the object, and initial impression is decisive.

We create product displays that promote the object and strengthen the brand's image.
Tailor made design for a harmonious integration to the architecture. We work with architectural studios in order to make furniture and objects that follow and enhance the qualities of an architectural space.

From concept submission to bidding solicitations and construction follow-up.
Customised and modular exhibition stands.