Youkaïdi is an industrial and product design studio located in Rolle (Switzerland), and co-founded in 2009 by Steve Iannello and Julien Rosina.

Youkaïdi has an open and multidisciplinary approach to industrial design. This is why our clients work in various sectors such as furniture-making, watch-making, engineering (in particular vehicle design), new technologies or urbanism.

This experience in all sectors of industry allow us to provide our clients with a wide vision and a new look on their activities.

Finally, we produce small series of our own creations, in limited quantities.
Our services in industrial design consist in the creation of products for serial production, in a creative process from the first ideas to a complete solution ready for production, in close collaboration with our clients.

The advantages of a design process are :
  • The creation of appealing products, providing a competitive advantage ;
  • The identification of users' needs, opening new market opportunities ;
  • The renewal of product lines by constant innovation, to keep the lead and prepare the future ;
  • Strong products constitutive of a solid corporate identity, for an effective marketing ;
  • The optimisation of the production processes, thought from the start of the object.
Youkaïdi makes its own objects, because design is an adventure and exploration field above all.
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The determination of a relevant working direction is at the start of any design process.

This is achieved by an analysis on the following points, according to needs :
  • Marketing watch on tendencies, users' needs, and on the history and positionning of the company ;
  • Analysis of the strong points and weak points of existing products and lines ;
  • Technological watch integrationg research of materials or new technical processes, with regard to production possibilities ;
  • Establishment of clear specifications incorporating the needs and envies of the client, so as to conduct a project that suits the corporate identity.
Any project starts with an idea, and ends with a turnkey solution ready for production.

We establish concept propositions in the form of sketches, illustrations and/or models. We verify the feasibility and the aspect of the product by way of computer-generated images, material samples or functionnal prototypes, depending the project's needs. Finally, we provide technical drawings and production follow-up as required.

Development focuses on two main aspects :
  • The research of innovative ideas in product fuctionality, ergonomy and aesthetics ;
  • The proposition of technical solutions and innovations, and CMF (color/materials/finish) concepts, taking production constraints into account.
Digital imaging by way of 3D modeling and photo-realistic rendering is a useful tool in many applications :
  • Possibility for a quick preview, exploring multiple variants, and easing decision-making process ;
  • Capacity to make corrections ahead of the fabrication process ;
  • Realisation of digital files that can be processed by computer numerical control machines.
From preview models to functionnal prototypes, we can answer your needs thanks to our experience in model-making, our light prototyping and 3D printing equipment, and our professional contacts.

Our experience in production follow-up, as well as in interior architecture and capentry construction-site supervision, allow us to cover the entire production process.
Driven by the envy to materialize ideas, we like the challenge of finding answers to the questions submitted to us.

Industrial design beeing a field somewhere between artistic creation and technical development, we think curiosity and the exchange between these different worlds are important aspects in the making of products that make sense and answer all expectations. This is why we look for diversity by working in various sectors.

We like simple objects with refined details, drawing their strength from their capacity to let the materials express themselves without artifice. For us, the conveyed history, functionnality and elegance of conception are the major issue of every object, beyond its simple aesthetic qualities, to allow it to reach its public.

Finally, we consider that the position of the designer allows him to answer present consumption challenges in a responsible way, with quality objects that correspond to the reality of industrial production while considering alternatives.
The product accompaniment is vital to its good visibility and image on the market.

We provide solutions in the following areas, inseparable from the global approach that is industrial design :
  • Packaging design, cases, displays ;
  • Scenography ;
  • Promotional or showcase products ;
  • Graphic design for communication supports ;
  • Object photography, in studio or situation.
Alice is a chair made of a flax based natural fibre composite playing with the visual codes of fabric, delicate and flexible material that yet possesses unexpected structural qualities.

The flax seat is complemented with a wooden structure so as to associate two organic and renewable elements.

97 × 57 × 50 cm
flax fibre and steamed beech
Jalousie is a suspension lamp composed of a fabric lamp shade. Strings are joined together with a slip knot. The shape of the lamp is adjustable by pulling on the strings one or all together.

∅ 100 × 10 cm
Natural cotton.
Solid ash wood chair showcasing traditional joining and glueing techniques.

42 × 46 × 92 cm
solid ash wood
Table with a solid oak wood structure and a Corian tabletop, transposing classical wood glueing processes to a sythetic material.

The table top is pieced together from Corian wastes using a coloured glue accentuating the joint lines instead of masking them.

180 × 90 × 75 cm
solid oak wood, white Corian and red glue
Two lamps inspired from metalworking techniques, playing on the contrast between this cold material and the symbolic delicacy of a lamp.

20 × 37 cm
powder coated stainless steel

mother slash
60 × 90 cm
powder coated stainless steel
Birch plywood table with X-shaped cuts allowing for a simple assembly of the four feet.

90 × 180 × 75 cm
28mm birch plywood
Chandelier made with over 10'750 paper clips, associating a symbol of luxury to the most produced object ever.

50 × 80 cm
stainless steel
Whiteboard made from a thin metal sheet providing a cut and folded edge used as pen holder.

25 × 36 cm
white powder coated stainless steel

photography by Joaquim Stooss, 2010
Particle-board coffee table that is not ashamed to lift her skirt to unveil the truth, and revealing qualities unfairly unrecognized.

veneered particle-board and solid oak wood
60 × 115 × 45 cm
Two carafes inspired by wine bottles curves.

6,5 × 36 cm
pyrex glass, cork

photography by Joaquim Stooss, 2010